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MC '11 in a nutshell. AKA Youlian's yearbook entry. - Youlian's Random Ramblings [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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MC '11 in a nutshell. AKA Youlian's yearbook entry. [Jul. 28th, 2011|05:40 pm]
When I wrote the following in my MC ’09 yearbook entry, I had no
idea just how true the words would be:

Thank you for these past for years. Nothing has made me happier
or shaped me more than this camp. Knowing that I have made
lifelong friends here makes saying goodbye so much easier.

Somehow, even though I fully expected to be back in ’11, I really did
say goodbye that year. As much as I love the people here and as deeply
as I know that Mathcamp is incredible in every sense of the word,
something has changed within me over the past two years (probably
in the past two months, actually). As unbelievable as it may sound,
camp has become just another place.

I guess everyone has to leave home eventually. I just happen to be
one of the lucky few who gets to leave precisely when he’s ready – no
sooner, and no later. To those of you whose hearts are still here, and to those of you who fell in love with Mathcamp for the first time this year, I wish
you the best of luck.  May this camp treat you as well
as it has treated me.