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And then I dream... that I am who I wanna be - Youlian's Random Ramblings [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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And then I dream... that I am who I wanna be [May. 19th, 2010|09:39 pm]
Naruto has _such_ an uncanny ability to cheer me up. One panel in this chapter... really... really did it for me. Thanks again, Mr. Kishimoto!

Actually, all things considered, this has been a surprisingly good week. Even if I did finally get hit by my quarterly malaise earlier today, well... I've overcome it faster than ever, and I'm now pumped and ready to kick ass for the remainder of the quarter. Bring it on UofC. My power level is over 9,000. My dial goes to 11. You're not winning this fight. Let's go.

Sorry for the brief and somewhat cryptic entries as of late. Let's just say that I've missed you guys, and I promise to write something substantial soon.